Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Work of Art that I am the most proud of

I am most proud of my Unsung Hero piece of art work. I chose this piece because I spent a lot of time on it. And it has an important story behind it. I also got to be very creative with it when I was choosing how I was going to lay out my painting. At the same time telling a story, and making sure I knew what colors I used so they would all have a specific meaning. I am also proud That my design it was original and came from my head my ideas I didn't just get told what to paint. I ams also proud because I was able to change things for the better as I was going along. For example The book and building weren't going to be those colors originally but then I realized that having them be light colors pink and blue witch are know as a baby girl and baby boy colors it would help represent how The Hero I chose saved many lives saved many children's lives. And parts of everything I learned I added into this painting to make it the best I possibly could.

Revisiting my Goals for the semester

I have defiantly achieved my goals! I had many goals for this trimester and I learned a lot by reaching them. I became way better at drawing with the way I learned how to draw what I actually saw not what I think I saw. Also lots of different mark making techniques and how to crate your drawings so they look very realistic. The paining unit was hard but lots of fun for me I learned how much the size of your brush really matters. I also learned how to blend colors on the actual page to get a more realistic look. During this class I didn't just learn how to draw and paint I also learned a lot about artists and the stories behind different drawings and paintings.

Watercolor Techniques


  • To experiment, explore, and learn a verity of way to paint with watercolor;

From painting with watercolor I learned a lot of important things. What paper to use, ratios dealing with pigment to water and brush techniques. These are displayed on my technique paper located in the middle. One of the most important things I learned was how you must start off with very little to no pigment on your brush and build up color. This is so your water color painting doesn't get to dark to the point where you need to start over because there are no more white spaces. The dry brush technique was also very help to learn so your could get texture onto your painting I used this technique when I was painting the trees (shown in the first painting).

Sketchbook Assignments

Still Life Imitation Drawing

  • To gain an understanding about the realism Art Movement and to identify Artists who work(ed) in this style;
  • To practice drawing in the realist style by "imitating" a professional, realistic work or art.

Still Life Drawing
  • To practice creating a still life drawing that demonstrates understanding of drawing in perspective, along with using a verity of mark-making techniques and to describe form;
  • To understand value by creating a good range of black and white;
  • To demonstrate quality craftsmanship and good compositional skills in a drawing;

Imitation Drawing Portrait 
  • To become familiar with past and contemporary portrait artists;
  • To use critical thinking skills and analyze artwork; 
  • To understand how and why artists create portraits;
  • To practice drawing in a portrait by "imitating" a professional work of art.
Half Portrait Drawing
  • To look closely at half of a portrait and complete the portrait by drawing similar features;
  • To practice drawing facial features: eyes, nose, and mouth.
Autobiographical Collage

  • To create an autobiographical collage that tells the story of an experience(s) that took place in the artist life. It lets the artist express his or her thoughts and feelings about any aspect of his/her life.

Mandala Design
  • To become familiar with mandala designs and its meanings;
  • To crate your own, original Mandala

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Artsist Statement

  1. Students will create a personal work of art based on their interpretation of an Unsung Hero’s character and actions;
  2. Students will reflect on their experiences by writing an artist statement that articulates their personal journey and interprets their work for the viewer.

Going into this unsung hero project I was sceptical, not sure if I was going to like it or not. Thinking, why are we even painting about something unknown? What's the point? But then I realized every one of these people on this site should be known and their unique stories should be told. When I came across Helen Taussig, I knew I’d be interested in her story.  I found her very shocking and interesting - all her challenges, success and her determination dealing with women's rights. All of the other hero stories were interesting and powerful, however when I started reading I had ideas popping into my head about what I was going to paint. So I decided to go with these vivid stories that I saw as powerful and know one else in the class had chosen.
My painting expresses Helen Taussig in many ways. It shows how she stood up for her rights and shows where her work got her to today. For example, the heart and stethoscope around it in the middle of my painting represent how she came up with techniques and advances to open heart surgery which has saved many lives. The book in the upper right corner represents the medical journal. The pages floating down to the school of medicine demonstrates how getting published in the medical journal lead her to being successful at the medical school and eventually being noticed and treated fair. The women's right symbol in the upper left corner is placed on this painting for her role in promoting women’s rights. Her charter as a person is demonstrated in her challenges and her successes - she is very smart, determined and does not give up.  Being a successful woman, she creates a path for other women to enter and succeed.  For that reason, and for all her advances in medicine,  Helen is a hero that should be known.
I feel that it was very creative In the ways I used color to express meaning. For example, my background dark red and dark blue are known medical colors and red and blue make purple and purple is a women's empowerment color. So I dabbed my paint brush to create texture to resemble how Helen didn't have a smooth life and she had challenges she had to face. The two colors dabbed are dark red and light and dark blues so I had blue, red and purple as my backround. The medical book and papers are a light pink going into a light blue building to show the baby-pink color and a baby-blue color - this shows how her work affect young children/babies. Why is the woman's right symbol orange? Well the color orange represents creativity, determination and success and these are all qualities of Helen Taussig. The heart in the center of the painting is red but it brings in colors throughout the rest of my painting. For example, there is light pink for some of the blood veins and orange and blue for the tubes of the heart.
This process has changed many of my views on things. Like how people might not want to be known or they didn’t even think they were a hero for what they did, they just did what they thought was right. Also, how every painting has hidden meaning and how much meaning you can put in one painting. I also got to learn about other heroes, not just my own, and their stories which were also very inspirational in their own way. Another view that changed for me is that everyone has reasons for doing something and you should figure it out before you judge or jump to conclusions. Like the way color is used or symbols are used - that might be considered disrespectful - but there is a reason for them. Overall I learned a lot from this project and really enjoyed it.

Monday, May 22, 2017

LMC Unsung Hero Planning

Helen Taussig

The Warrior of the Heart is a very inspirational story. This story is very inspirational to me because it deals with women's rights and how Ms. Taussig had to prove herself despite challenges that not many people have to face. For example, her mother died at age 11,  she dealt with learning disabilities. Also as a woman, she was allowed to attend but wasn't allowed to graduate from college and wasn't allowed to speak in classes. But this didn't stop her love of learning.  Ms. Taussig pursued science and even got published in a medical journal - which eventually got her into medical school and she graduated with a medical degree!  From there she developed a procedure that lead to open heart surgery. I was thinking for the center of my painting I would paint a heart. Around the heart would be the symbol for women's rights and have a stethoscope coming out of the heart and listening to a baby's heart beat. 

Landscape Perspective Painting

To create depth I used many different strategies: atmospheric perspective, over lapping, size change, and object in foreground. These four strategies all work out very well for many different reasons. When using atmospheric perspective the different lines and colors leading to the sky in the background of my painting helped draw the viewer's eye, as if they are looking in the distance.  I learned a lot from the overlapping strategy.  I never realized until I started painting that you really create the depth effect using overlapping but to do this and make it look good you must start painting from the top of the painting down.  Also, changing size helps because things look smaller father away.  Finally, objects in the foreground appear larger than objects in the background - because the viewer interprets depth perception.

Overall I didn't have many major challenges and everything turned out working very well. But mixing and creating the correct colors, to go with my painting, took awhile and that was some what of a challenge. I ended up borrowing peoples paints next to me and mixing it with paint I already had to try to get the right color. Next time I think I will use a mixing tray so I have more room for more paints and colors.  Another challenge was the sky getting the colors at look right in such a small place without making it look just like lines. So I ended up mixing and overlapping colors on the page and I ended up doing the same thing with the pond weeds coming out of the water in my painting.